Directions for UK leadership

This event, hosted by UK think tank Chatham House will explore the potential of an International Trade Policy Agenda for Environmental Sustainability.

The pandemic is increasingly making clear the urgency of the environmental challenge and the importance of international cooperation.

In this context, the UK is preparing to develop its independent trade policy and deliver an economic transition towards a low carbon economy. It is timely and critical to support a positive vision and agenda for international trade policy to build more resilient and sustainable economies on a global scale.

This event explores the potential for UK leadership to develop a forward-looking international trade agenda on environmental sustainability by fostering a new generation of trade agreements and international fora and partnerships that could support the UK’s environmental sustainability goals and development commitments.

We will convene 250+ CEOs, senior representatives of governments, journalists and stakeholders to create a space for open and honest conversations about a positive agenda on trade policy that can help drive more environmentally sustainable production and consumption at home and abroad.

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