Entrepreneurship: Why it’s needed – and how we can encourage it

This event, hosted by UK think tank the IEA will launch the latest book from Dr Eamonn Butler.

A new book from Dr Eamonn Butler explores and examines how entrepreneurship drives economic progress and how governments can create the optimal conditions for entrepreneurs to thrive.

What part does entrepreneurship play in boosting innovation, progress, productivity and growth – and why is this overlooked in economics textbooks? Do we underestimate the contributions of entrepreneurship, and how it affects us all as workers, consumers and citizens?

How can the government best support entrepreneurs as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis?


Dr Eamonn Butler, Director, Adam Smith Institute

Emma Jones MBE, Founder, Enterprise Nation

Matt Ridley, Author, Journalist and Businessman

Annabel Denham (Chair), Director of Communications at the IEA and Adviser to the APPG for Entrepreneurship

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