How do we bring good jobs to the places that need them most?

This event, hosted by UK think tank Joseph Rowntree Foundation will discuss how policy-makers can bring high-quality jobs to the places that need them most.

Economic insecurity and a lack of good jobs are persistent problems in many communities, particularly for people in poverty. The decline of manufacturing and the growth of a more flexible labour market have meant that opportunity for people to find purpose, progression and dignity in work is unevenly distributed. It was wrongly assumed that people would move to find better jobs but this has not been possible for many reasons, including the lack of affordable and available housing, and many people have become trapped in insecure employment or unemployment. How can we build the bridges of opportunity and maximise the potential of workers across the country?

This event will consider what more policy-makers can do to bring high-quality jobs to the areas that need them most. It will offer an opportunity to explore how best to create long-term, sustainable and secure work, and to give people back economic hope and social pride in their towns.


Mims Davies MP, Minister for Employment

Jonathan Gullis MP, Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke

Dr Anna Valero, ESRC Innovation Fellow, LSE Centre for Economic Performance

Mike Hawking, Acting Head of Policy and Partnerships, JRF

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation are sponsoring this event as part of UK Onward’s Levelling Up Series

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