How to talk about the building blocks of health

This event, hosted by UK think tank the Health Foundation, will discuss how to talk about the building blocks of health.

If we want to change how the public understands health inequalities and to change policy, we need to change how we communicate about the wider determinants of health – the social, cultural, political, economic, commercial and environmental factors that can make us healthy or unhealthy.

This webinar is about how we can make that change. We’ll delve into our new communicators’ toolkit, developed with FrameWorks UK, which supports public health communicators to tell new, powerful stories using tested framing techniques.  It’s for anyone who works in and/or communicates about public health.


Tamsyn Hatt – Principal Communications Strategist, Frameworks UK

Louise Marshall – Senior Public Health Fellow, the Health Foundation

Gwen Nightingale – Assistant Director, Healthy Lives, the Health Foundation  (Chair)

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