Past the pandemic: green recovery

This event hosted by UK think tank Bright Blue will focus on the green recovery.

We are delighted to invite you to join us at the third session of Bright Blue’s virtual event series, entitled ‘Coming out of Covid’. This final session will focus on the green recovery.

The key questions we would like to address in this event are:

What would a truly green recovery look like after Covid?

What are the economic opportunities from the UK Government’s net zero commitments?

Will and how can a market-based economy deliver green growth?

Is the Government doing enough to foster a green recovery in the UK?

What further incentives and regulations are needed to drive deeper decarbonisation in hard-to-abate economic sectors?

What should the UK Government champion at COP26 to catalyse green growth globally?

What more can the government do to catalyse increased public and private investment in green R&D?

Which technologies and companies should the policy and investment communities back for economic and environmental gains?

What, if any, lifestyle changes should individuals be prepared to make to build back better?

How can the Government use it’s buying power through mandating green criteria in public procurement of goods?


Lord Deben, Chairman, Committee on Climate Change

Baroness Natalie Bennett, Former Leader of the Green Party

Dr John Murton, UK COP26 Envoy

Tijs Broeke, Head of Government Relations, HP Inc

Sarah Sands, Chair, Bright Blue (Chair)

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