Plan A+: Debate and discussion

This event from the UK think tank IEA hosts a panel discussion on the report ‘Plan A+: Creating a prosperous post-Brexit UK’.

The opportunity before the UK as a result of Brexit is a great one: but if the UK squanders it, what has been described as the ‘new normal’ of limited economic growth could prevail, with an EU system that does not appear to be responding on a competitive level to the challenges of the modern economy.

‘Plan A+’ proposes the adoption of a four-pillared trade policy strategy, taking unilateral, bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral action to deliver a more competitive and thriving UK economy.

This is sure to be a lively discussion about the possible options for Britain’s post-Brexit future, including those proposed in ‘Plan A+’. Drinks will be provided.


Andy Mayer: Chief Operations Officer, IEA (Chair)

Shanker Singham: Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit (IEA) and co-author of ‘Plan A+’

Other panelists to be announced shortly.

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