SMF & CAGE Briefing Seminar – Driving change in the UK bus network: lessons from London

This event from the UK think tank Social Market Foundation will host Mike Waterson to present a briefing paper on what the rest of the UK can learn from London’s franchised bus system.

The number of people taking the bus in the UK is declining almost universally. London is no exception, though its franchise system sees significantly more bus travel per person than any other area – over 250 journeys per year.

There are a host of reasons why policymakers should be getting on board with investing across the UK’s bus networks. Bus travel remains essential to preserving free movement throughout the UK and investment in bus infrastructure can ease congestion in cities and contribute to the transition to net-zero.

The government has recently announced the first steps in its ‘bus revolution’. Plans include offering support to local authorities and metropolitan mayors who want to create London-style franchised services. In October 2019, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority began its journey towards a franchised system.

But can this work for the rest of the UK? And what considerations are needed to make bus franchising a success outside the capital? Join us to discuss as Mike Waterson presents a briefing paper to the Social Market Foundation on what the rest of the UK can learn from London’s franchised bus system.


Mike Waterson (Professor of Economics, University of Warwick, Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy)


James Kirkup(Director, Social Market Foundation)

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