Tackling poverty with planning reform — John Penrose MP

This event, hosted by UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute will launch John Penrose MP’s forthcoming paper, ‘Poverty Trapped’.

John Penrose MP’s forthcoming paper, Poverty Trapped, emphasises spreading opportunity by equipping people with the skills, education and attitudes — rather than equalising incomes.

The paper highlights the importance of addressing the mounting cost of housing. Planning reform would remove a huge barrier to opportunity by reducing living costs and making it easier to move for a better job.

Penrose focuses on street votes for greater density and design, upwards house building in cities, and delivering greater benefits from housebuilding to local communities through a levy on land given permission, all of which will enable increased housebuilding and act as a catalyst for greater prosperity.

Join us at the ASI for a lecture and drinks to launch the Poverty Trapped paper.

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