The corona lessons: learning from New Zealand’s fight Against coronavirus

This event, hosted by UK think tank RUSI will discuss New Zealand’s approach to tackling Covid-19.

New Zealand, with a population some five million, has only had 1,499 coronavirus infections and 21 deaths. That makes it a global standout performer in combatting the virus. It owes its success to early and strict intervention. On 15 May, with no new infections in the past 72 hours, New Zealand’s government further eased restriction, allowing the country to return to a situation resembling normality. In this Corona Lesson, two of New Zealand’s top officials in the fight against coronavirus will discuss the country’s approach.


  • Sarah Stuart-Black, Deputy Chief Executive and Director Civil Defence Emergency Management, New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency
  • John Walsh, Director, Communications Director – COVID-19 Response, Government of New Zealand
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