The UK army’s digital transformation: an integral part of the Integrated Review

This event, hosted by UK think tank IISS will explore how the British army plans to innovate and develop digital skills.

Modern conflict requires an army that can integrate with partners and enable its people, equipment and resources to operate with maximum efficiency and compete with adversaries. It will need to be underpinned by a digital backbone to leverage high-quality, secure, extensive data and operated by a digitally talented workforce.  But what are the building blocks on this journey, and how are they best sequenced?

This webinar brings together two senior British Army officers, both leading the Army’s digital transformation, to explore how the British Army plans to innovate and develop digital skills and what it can learn from other military and commercial digital transformations.


Brigadier Stefan Crossfieldis the British Army’s Chief Data Officer and Programme Director of the Army’s Digital Transformation.

Brigadier Marc Overton is an Army Reserve officer currently serving as Head of Strategy for the Reserves.

Franz-Stefan Gady is a Research Fellow specialising in cyber, space and future conflict at the IISS.

Bastian Giegerich leads the Institute’s Defence and Military Analysis Programme and oversees the development of the Military Balance+.


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