What does ‘levelling up’ really mean? How to turn a promise into reality

This event, hosted by UK think tank the IFG will discuss what ‘levelling up’ means and how the government intends to turn this slogan into reality.

Since the 2019 general election, ‘levelling up’ has been the government’s go-to slogan. The Queen’s Speech set out an ambition to “level up opportunities across all parts of the UK”. The chancellor has previously unveiled a ‘levelling up’ fund. The prime minister has recently appointed a ‘levelling up’ adviser. And the promise to ‘level up’ featured heavily during the recent Hartlepool by-election.

But what does ‘levelling up’ actually mean? How does the government intend to turn this slogan into reality? How can voters judge the success – or not – of the ‘levelling up’ agenda at the next election?

The Institute for Government is delighted to bring together an expert panel to discuss past efforts at distributing investment, creating job opportunities and increasing productivity, and to assess whether Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda will see the Conservatives hold on to electoral gains in the so-call ‘red wall’ constituencies.


Lord Mandelson, Chairman of Global Counsel, former European Commissioner for Trade and MP for Hartlepool from 1992-2004

Giles Wilkes, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government and former Special Adviser to Theresa May

Further panellists to be confirmed

The event will be chaired by Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government

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