Zero-Hours Contracts: Empowerment or Exploitation

This event from the UK think tank IEA will discuss whether zero-hours contracts are empowering or exploitative.

Zero-hours contracts have been a subject of controversy in recent years. Proponents argue their flexibility allows people to work as and when they choose – fitting employment around commitments like children, education, and other jobs. But critics argue they are exploitative, leaving people without a secure source of income and used by companies to avoid their legal rights to employees.

Labour Party policy is the ban their use; but polls show people working on ZHCs are often happier with their work than those on standard full- and part-time contracts.


Andy Mayer: Chief Operations Officer, IEA (Chair)

Mark Littlewood: Director General, IEA

Heidi Allen, Liberal Democrat MP for South Cambridgeshire

Other panellists to be announced.

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