Exploiting an idyll

The latest policy briefing from the UK think tank ‘The Foreign Policy Centre’ looks at US, Indian and Japanese efforts to counterbalance China in Sri Lanka.

The grisly terror onslaught against Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday that took 253 lives could well have been avoided if a deeply divided government had not failed to act on intelligence provided by the United States (US) and India. Tragically for this idyllic island nation, the political rift has also made it vulnerable to external influences. The terror strikes were perpetrated against the backdrop of superpower rivalry where the Indo-Pacific powers of the US, India and Japan are striving to counterbalance the overarching dominance that China has gained over the island and the region. The three partner countries have been increasingly concerned by China’s enlarging presence in the maritime proximity to India and its new-found access to a crucial commercial and military waterway that has deepened its influence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

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