‘Global Britain’ and the future of the British armed forces

A new policy paper by the Henry Jackson Society – “Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed Forces” – finds that in order for Britain to position itself as a truly ‘Global’ nation and as uncertainty intensifies across the world; the UK must invest more in the tools that ensure it can protect itself and prevent conflict. The report makes the following findings: As the geopolitical situation in Europe and Globally becomes more unreliable, the paper recommends the Government increase military budget equivalent to 3% of UK GDP over the next five years. Successive governments – Labour, Coalition and Conservative – have sent confused messages on the significance of the UK as a military power. By using its land and air forces more actively, the UK could continue to deter threats to the security of its European allies or prevent them from coming together in inappropriate ways. To make a success of ‘Global Britain’, both from an economic and political standpoint, the nation must engage more actively than ever in the Indo-Pacific region. Indeed, it is always cheaper to invest in prevention, rather than pay for a cure. The paper recommends that 3% defence spending commitment should be mandated through an Act of Parliament, providing the MoD and the armed forces with greater continuity when undertaking defence planning.

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