Global Britain, global challenges

Policy Exchange today publishes ‘Global Britain, Global Challenges: How to make aid more effective’. The report makes a strong case for the importance of overseas aid and supports the Government’s commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of national income on aid. However, it also argues strongly that aid can and should be spent more effectively and that the development community should embrace trade and capitalism as vital to reducing poverty and disease.

In this paper, we look at the big questions about international development: What are the most important global challenges? Where can Britain make the biggest difference? What is the role for aid in meeting global challenges? How should the public’s worries over corruption be addressed? How well targeted and efficient is the current UK aid budget? What is known about its impact, and where are there gaps in our knowledge? How can the effectiveness of the aid budget be improved? What new opportunities are created by Brexit?

The report has a foreword by Scottish Conservative leader Rt Hon Ruth Davidson, MSP in which she says: “As this report argues, there is a strong centre-right case for putting overseas aid at the centre of a Global Britain, working alongside our commitments to strong defence and becoming a global champion for free trade. To defeat poverty, we will need to support both aid and trade, markets and global public goods – not create an artificial dichotomy between them.”

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