Grammar schools and social mobility

The second of two major Education Policy Institute (EPI) reports on selective schools and social mobility, this report assesses how the government might be able to proceed with its plans to expand grammar schools, based on a series of criteria set out in the green paper, ‘Schools that work for everyone’. The analysis also looks at the impact of introducing quotas for pupils on free school meals (FSM).

The report takes into account criteria including new grammars not being to the detriment of those not attending; adequate numbers of pupils being able to access the school in the local area; new grammars not undermining existing non-selective schools; and the existence of sufficient local parental demand. Following this, the report finds that there are only 6 areas out of 152 in England which could meet these conditions. Additionally, on the issue of using FSM quotas in grammar schools, the it finds that only an insignificant amount of children would benefit from such a policy.

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