Hitting reset

This latest report from UK think tank Localis discusses a roadmap to a decentralised UK.

In recent years, a sense of alienation from national politics has arisen in significant parts of the country and among significant cohorts. The Brexit vote has given rise to a political imperative to, on the one hand, raise productivity and on the other, ensure that gains are felt immediately across the country. This does not need to degenerate into further polarity, pitting towns against city, leave versus remain, metro versus retro. Economies are developed by improving the connections between places and playing to inherent strengths. This is the essence of decentralisation and leadership of place.

Hitting Reset lays out a roadmap to a decentralised UK, where democratically-elected local leaders have the power to govern, and the capacity of councils to bring together private and public actors to achieve local development is maximised. Bringing together cutting-edge academic work, international case studies and an extensive interview series, we make the case for local leadership. This has never been more crucial as today: if trust in politics is to be restored, citizens must be able to see the impact of democracy (or ‘take back control’) in their communities and local economies.

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