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Commissioning Editor – Apolitical

Apolitical Group Limited

Closing date: 31 March 2021

Apolitical is a learning network for government. Our mission is to make governments work better for people and the planet. We equip policy-makers with the knowledge, skills and community they need to solve the world’s hardest challenges. We’re looking for a Commissioning Editor to help us scale our content offering. You’ll be a sharp editor of written, audio and video content with at least 5 years experience in community journalism, digital content, or member-focused communications. You’ll create and execute strategies to get public servants to contribute, and you’ll have the network-building expertise to know which relationships to prioritise. You’ll also think broadly about how public servants can contribute to Apolitical, using your relationships, credible research methods, and content design approaches. You’ll be comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment, building things from scratch and being curious about product and engineering questions.

What Apolitical content is for

We’re building a global, generalist community of public servants. We create, curate and commission:

  • Content which helps public servants be more informed about what to do
  • Content which makes public servants more informed on how to do their work
  • Content which motivates public servants to try and do their work better

Our free product is largely made up of user-generated content — from public servants, experts and others who think about government and governance. Our paid product, Apolitical Plus+, is largely currently made up of high-quality in-house content, with a learning focus, and is expanding to include more partner-created content.

What motivates the content team at Apolitical?

We are a multidisciplinary team of content creators. We work in a trusting environment, in an open and collaborative way, showing curiosity about what others are doing across the company.

  1. We believe public service and the people do it are interesting and important.
  2. We design and deliver content in dialogue with our users, which helps them to be more effective as public servants.
  3. We have the space to experiment with new forms of content and the support to make them work. We spread the word about what we’re doing.


  1. Editing content — Editing written content (and some audio and video) in line with the high standards you help to set and embed. Coaching others across Apolitical, our partners and our membership to meet these standards.
  2. Editorial planning and delivery — Delivery of multiple content products, facilitating effective collaboration with colleagues from other teams.
  3. Building the editorial product — Working on ways to incorporate editorial guidance into our product and community experience, so ever greater numbers of members can publish quality content without the oversight of Apolitical staff.
  4. Content design and product development — Deploying in-depth knowledge of the public service and public servants (and a lot of creativity) to create relevant and compelling content and experiences.
  5. Building and maintaining relationships — Earning the trust of public servants, experts and thinkers through understanding the community, editorial support and coaching. Using your relationships strategically to improve our content, bring on contributors, and further our mission.
  6. Community development — Formulating effective strategies to expand and engage our network of public servants, with ownership of quarterly and annual growth goals.


The relevant competencies for this role, and how you might demonstrate them in your work, are set out below.

  • Writing and editing – You’ll support contributors, partners, and in-house content producers to create exceptional copy, fact-checked and free from errors. You’ll consistently meet our editorial principles and house style, and support.
  • Growth, community and engagement – You help to bring in high-value contributors, and share your network-building expertise with the team. You’ll design content, email and experiences with a great deal of creativity and draw on a nuanced understanding of what attracts and retains our users. You can independently identify important insights from the data, and validate them confidently using a range of experiments. You’re comfortable intervening at many points of the funnel to grow our membership and retain users.
  • Communication and leadership – You make insightful contributions to the big picture direction of content, email and experiences. You’re autonomous in managing your own projects and driving goals. You also support project management across the team through timely, thoughtful communication.
  • Research and experimentation – You can independently design and execute a complex research plan that draws on multiple sources and uses a range of methodologies.
  • Product sense – You understand how the product feels from a user’s perspective and see ways to improve this in how content and product interact.


Stock options: Our employee options plan gives you a stake in our vision.

Flexibility: Everyone works differently. Whether it’s early mornings, late nights or a day at home, we support what gives you energy and makes you effective.

Holidays: We have unlimited holidays, trusting people to take what they need when they need. As a restorative reboot, we give everyone on the team the last Friday of every month off.

Office: In normal times we’re based in beautiful Public Hall, in the heart of Westminster and overlooking the River Thames though we have flexibility around remote working

Parental leave: We offer generous maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Personal development: We offer twice-monthly learning days and have learning and development budgets for books, conferences and courses.

Library: We have a constantly growing library, to which every team member contributes their favourite book. There’s also a bigger library in Public Hall.

Discounts: Exclusive discounts and rewards at over 30,000 brands.

Salary: £35,000 – £55,000, in line with experience and our team’s progression framework.


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Job Details

Organisation: Apolitical Group Limited

Location: London

Salary range: £30,000 - £40,000

Closing date: 31 March 2021

Contract type: Permanent

About the Organisation

What’s Apolitical? Every other sector has been transformed by platforms. Government is the final frontier for technology-enabled sharing and connecting. Apolitical is a govtech start up that launched its platform in 2017 – now public servants, policymakers and politicians in 170+ countries are using it for peer-led, future-facing learning. Our members range from mayors, ministers and heads of state to millennials pioneering digital innovations.

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