Keep the lifeline

This report from UK think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looks at why the Government should keep the £20 uplift to Universal Credit.

The next few weeks, in the lead up to the Spring Budget, will be one of the most crucial moments for our social security system for many years. The Government has a choice: – It can go ahead with a cut to the incomes of millions of families during the middle of a recession, catalysing the worrying poverty trends we have seen in the lead up to and during this crisis. Or, it can keep this lifeline in place, supporting families who need it through the rest of the crisis, the following period of high unemployment and our recovery, as well as ensuring we have an adequate social security system for the future. We are urging the Government to make this much-needed £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits permanent, and extend to legacy claimants so that this group, who are mainly disabled, sick and carers, don’t continue to be excluded.


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