Local practice

This latest report from UK think tank Localis looks at long-term sustainability through place based health.

Although its principles are now well-established and practiced, the full promise of a total place approach to area budgeting and comprehensive public service reformation in localities remains unrealised. At a time when ministers and officials are straining all means necessary to funnel billions of pounds from the health service’s 70th anniversary budget boost into shovel-ready NHS schemes, there is a moral case for making population health and place investment count for the fullest amount possible.

Local Practice is a case for place that is centred not around the need for power transfer, but a localist case to liberate resources, assets and latent potential that exist within every community. It is a call to rationally manage limited resources and deploy data and new technology for the best results. It is a simple prescription to integrate agents of health and guardians of place at an appropriate level for the sake of delivering human-centred care to local populations through all stages of life.

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