Managing migration after Brexit

Leaving the European Union (EU) will allow the UK to ‘take back control’ of aspects of migration policy previously determined by EU law. The Government will be able to restrict EU immigration in a way that has not been possible for decades. ‘Taking back control’ of immigration is about much more than just designing and implementing a new immigration system. Over the past 15 years, the UK has come to depend on the free movement of workers from the EU to meet skills gaps and labour shortages; large numbers have moved to the UK from the EU without coming into contact with the UK immigration system. Managing migration after Brexit says the Home Office is not ready or able to meet the challenge of ending free movement after we leave the EU.

The report lays bare the flaws in the immigration system that have led to a series of crises and to reorganisations designed to solve the last set of problems rather than address future needs This report presents a six-point plan for managing migration after Brexit.

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