Ministers reflect on devolution

Twenty years after devolution, Ministers in Scotland and Wales say they are ignored by the Government in Westminster, and this feeling has been heightened in the wake of the Brexit referendum, says a new report by the Institute for Government. Ministers Reflect on Devolution: Lessons from 20 years of Scottish and Welsh devolution is based on a diverse set of interviews with 13 devolved ministers. Ministers Reflect is a unique archive of interviews with former ministers including the most senior Cabinet members of the last decade; these include former Chancellors, Foreign Secretaries and Secretaries of State across all departments.

This is the first time the project has expanded to include Cabinet ministers in Scotland and Wales, including former Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and former Scottish First Minister Lord McConnell. Now outside of government, these former ministers speak candidly about the successes, mistakes, ambitions and frustrations of office. This sample of interviewees includes ministers from every party of government in Scotland and Wales, and from each session. One, Jane Hutt, has been a minister in every year of devolution. Our interviewees have collectively served over 90 years in Cabinet, and they include holders of all the most senior posts – including three First Ministers, three Deputy First Ministers and former Finance, Health and Education Ministers.

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