Moving matters

This report from the UK think tank Resolution Foundation looks at housing costs and labour market mobility.

Making a move – to a new job, a new home or both – can be born of many things, and it is this complex topic of residential and job mobility that is the subject of this briefing note. While the received wisdom is that living standards gaps between different parts of the UK have widened over time, when it comes to moving for work across areas, we show that as a nation the rate at which we take up a new opportunity and change residence has fallen over time. This is especially true for younger age groups – a surprise finding given that young people are more likely to be graduates, non-UK born and private renters than in the past, changes that should have increased rather than decreased moves made for work. So what can explain the fall in job-plus-home mobility we observe? In this report, we focus on the possible economic explanations.

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