National Resilience Index 2020

This report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society provides an assessment of the D-10.

THE UK entered the COVID-19 pandemic less resilient to a public health crisis when compared with India, the United States, Australia and Canada – positioned ‘below average’ amongst the D-10 club of democracies, according to a new study. The findings come in a report published today by the Henry Jackson Society into levels of national resilience. Using a 10-component, 30-indicator weighted methodology, the study finds that the UK is, overall, less resilient than the USA, Canada, and Australia. When re-weighed to focus on factors especially relevant to public health crisis responses, the UK falls below the average of its global democratic comparators. This measure’s indicators include ‘health system robustness’, which factors in protection for frontline healthcare workers and treating the sick. However, the UK scores strongly in three components of national resilience; trust in law and order, critical infrastructure, and technological prowess. The trust placed by the public in the UK’s law and order, is reflected in the UK’s relatively strong performance in the re-weighed “terrorism resilience” indicator within the report.

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