An NHS Royal Commission

With no agreement over the depth, the causes or the possible solutions to the “NHS crisis”, Maurice Saatchi describes the NHS as the ultimate “Post-Truth World”.
While the recent “crisis” saw patients suffering in hospital corridors, critical operations cancelled and endless queues in casualty, some studies still suggest we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world.
The conundrum of ‘alternative facts’ goes to the heart of the problem with the NHS. These aren’t lies. It is just that there are so many different ways of looking at the same thing that rational discussion has become next to impossible.
The only way forward is to have a proper, grown-up talk about the NHS: what we can expect of it, how we should fund it and how we can shape it to tackle the enormous challenges that lie ahead.
If properly set up and directed, a Royal Commission can be a hugely effective mechanism for identifying analysing some of the enormous long-term challenges the NHS faces. As we approach the NHS’s 70th birthday, it would be reckless not to seek a full body check-up – the first in decades – if we want to guarantee another 70 years of world-class healthcare.

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