Online gambling: addicted to addiction

The online gambling industry is an industry that makes more than half of its profits from those at risk and problem gamblers and is itself addicted to addiction – needing to generate more addiction to generate more profits. This report highlights the need to prevent operant conditioning techniques from being used. There is a clear need to protect those at risk, and particularly the young, from being enticed down a road that limits their ability to make rational judgements. This requires independent choices to be made. If action is not taken to properly ensure compliance on online gambling platforms, greater numbers of those at risk may rapidly become a bigger problem. At the very least, as has been done for online child protection in other contexts, clear and unambiguous warnings are needed for certain types of online gambling. We’ve found that the online gambling industry obtains more than half of its profit from at risk and problem gamblers. The industry is addicted to addiction – too high a proportion of its profits come from the vulnerable and it has an interest in people spending time online and keeping people online to develop a habit – drawing them into gambling and creating long-term dependency.

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