Pathway to COP26: the role of green finance

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation is a collection of essays on the transition to a green economy.

The UK’s legally binding commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050 is contingent on unlocking the necessary private capital and investment to fund the transition to a green economy and society. From the decisions made by individuals about their pensions, to the strategies adopted by financial professionals, these essays make clear the various ways and means that people, markets and the State can coalesce to deliver a transformative low-carbon economy. Contributors include Professor Linda Yueh – The Importance Of Shifting Norms In Supporting Climate Action Kate Forbes MSP – Building A Net Zero Economy That Is Fair For All Simon Thompson – Green Skills For Greener Finance Ray Dhirani – What COVID-19 Means For Climate Action And The Future Of Sustainable Finance Gareth Davies MP – Green Gilts: It’s Easy Being Green Tim Edwards -How Finance Professionals Can Help Achieve Society’s Goals On Climate Change? Guy Opperman MP – We Can Get To Net Zero By Unleashing The Productive Power Of Our Pensions Nick Hague-Moss – Financial Service Organisations Are Vital To Unlocking The Green Economy Dr Ben Caldecott – What Next For Central Banks And Financial Supervisors?

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