Pathway to prosperity: Perú Case Study

This report from UK think tank the Legatum Institute is an in-depth report into Peru’s performance on key characteristics of openness to trade, investment etc.

The Legatum Institute’s mission is to create a global movement of people committed to creating the pathways from poverty to prosperity and the transformation of society. Our research work is focused on understanding how prosperity is created, and to that end, with the generous support of the Templeton World Charitable Foundation, we have published a Global Index of Economic Openness to rank countries’ ability to interact with, and benefit from, both domestic and international commerce. This Peru case study is one of a number of in-depth reports which analyse an individual country’s performance on the key characteristics of openness to trade, investment, ideas, competition, and talent. The goal of Pathway to Prosperity: Perú Case Study, is to outline a diagnosis of the challenges facing the political capacity, state capacity, and economic governance of Perú, including its openness to trade, investment, competition, and talent. It sets out the basis of a roadmap for transformation that is underpinned by political and social conciliation. Such a conciliation process could involve acknowledging the wrongs of the past, reframing the present, and envisioning a fair, mutually acceptable, and interdependent future. It is likely to require addressing power relations and should extend beyond addressing conflict and polarisation to include the drivers of economic and social wellbeing.

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