Popular capitalism

This report from the UK think tank Centre for Policy Studies proposes a post-Brexit version of Margaret Thatcher’s popular capitalism.

New polling shows that trust in politics has been severely corroded by the failure to leave the European Union, to the point where 69% of Leavers have no trust in MPs at all. ‘Take Back Control’ was the slogan that swung Britain behind Leave. But after Brexit, argues Robert Colvile, politicians should make giving back control the focal point of their efforts – via a policy agenda built around spreading ownership and opportunity. In his new report ‘Popular Capitalism’, the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies – the most influential think tank among Conservative MPs, according to ComRes polling – explains how an updated version of the popular capitalism pioneered by Margaret Thatcher can show people how the free market can work in their best interests. The report warns that the Conservatives – the party that has traditionally been the standard bearers for capitalism – have failed under previous leaders to develop policies that embody the voters’ values. Polling during the Theresa May era, cited in the report, shows that the Tories are no longer considered to support low taxes, home ownership, small businesses, pensioners or ordinary people who are working hard to get on, to the point where the only group they are viewed as being on the side of are “international bankers and billionaires”.

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