Powerful patients, paperless systems

This major new report by Havant MP Alan Mak, published by the Centre for Policy Studies, proposes ambitious reforms to the NHS, shedding paper, pagers and fax machines to create a fully digital NHS that will help patients take control of their treatment. These proposals will position the NHS to take full advantage of the digital age and technological change – and save substantial amounts of money. And all such savings, says Mak, should be reinvested in frontline services, better equipping healthcare professionals to save lives. This will strengthen the NHS by saving money, fostering innovation, empowering patients and supporting doctors. The report puts forward 10 key recommendations which the Department should report on annually to Parliament. These include technology training for medical staff, the creation of “NHS Worldwide” to sell its most innovative technology worldwide, and greatly improved use of data and apps to empower patients and improve their care. Taken together, these would create a system where digitisation was the norm not the exception.

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