Putin sees and hears it all

A new report from the Henry Jackson Society think tank – endorsed by the former Director-General of MI6 – makes explosive claims about the scale of Russian espionage in the UK. The report is based upon confidential interviews with high-level dissident, defector, and intelligence sources and sets out both banal and brazen examples of what it says is Vladimir Putin’s ongoing menacing of our streets. As well as chilling anecdotes of open interference in our affairs, the report includes unto-now unpublished assessments of the scale of Russian espionage in the British capital. The report calls upon the Government to redouble its efforts in combatting the threat posed by Russia. Amongst other proposals, it recommends that consideration be given to downgrading intelligence material as part of a new approach for greater openness about the scale of the Russia’s activities. The report also suggests that the Government should assess whether to revoke the Parliamentary access of media outlets found to be playing host to Russian spies.

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