Investing in trusted relationships

Think tank: Pro Bono Economics

Author(s): Jon Franklin

April 17, 2024

This report from UK think tank Pro Bono Economics looks at the economic value of ‘Football Beyond Borders’ impact on children’s wellbeing.

PBE research for Football Beyond Borders uses exciting new ways of measuring impact to evaluate the difference a trusted adult can make to the wellbeing of children at greatest risk of exclusion.

Children’s life satisfaction has been declining since 2011/12. Additional support for those most at risk is urgently needed, as part of a push to reverse this trend. The presence of a trusted adult who listens and supports a young person can help to reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences. It can reduce the risk of low mental wellbeing as well as other negative health outcomes e.g. smoking, high alcohol consumption and poor diet.

Yet the children who need this support most don’t have access to a trusted adult. Football Beyond Borders intervenes to give young people the opportunity to create a trusted adult relationship, using sport to build trust. They focus efforts on those secondary school children most at risk of exclusion.