Jubilee Britain

Think tank: British Future

Author(s): Steve Ballinger; Sunder Katwala; Heather Rolfe

May 18, 2022

This report from UK think tank British Future looks at, after a decade of upheaval, where are we going now?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, marking the monarch’s seven decades on the throne, offers a rare opportunity to examine how our society has changed so very significantly in that time – and also to understand what has remained constant. British Future was founded 10 years ago in 2012, as the nation came together to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and looked ahead to the London Olympics. Since then we have developed a uniquely detailed understanding of public attitudes on issues of identity and migration, integration and race. The Jubilee Britain report explores what the public thinks about some of the key issues facing Britain in 2022 and beyond. Much has happened in an incredibly volatile decade since the last Jubilee – with major referendums on Scotland and Brexit, followed by the Covid pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests. But how much have we changed as a society? Jubilee Britain looks at the state of the nation in 2022: at the issues that most concern us and our attitudes to them. It then looks ahead to the challenges we may face in the future – and how we can navigate them together.