The changing workplace: Enabling disability-inclusive hybrid working

Think tank: The Work Foundation

Author(s): Heather Taylor; Rebecca Florisson; Melanie Wilkes; Paula Holland

July 12, 2022

This report from UK think tank the Work Foundation looks at enabling disability-inclusive hybrid working.

This research explores the benefits and challenges of remote and hybrid working, highlighting that it can afford welcome forms of flexibility, autonomy and control over where and how we work, and that can bring distinct benefits for disabled employees. It also draws attention to the challenges some disabled workers have experienced, ranging from difficulties securing essential adjustments to outdated attitudes from managers about flexible work, and touches on concerns about how working remotely may impact relationships with colleagues and career progression. The report concludes with practical steps for employers to take to ensure their approach to hybrid and remote working is inclusive of disabled employees; some points for colleagues to consider as allies to disabled workers, and recommendations to Government for policy changes that will be needed to tackle the disability employment gap.