Safe to scoot

This report from the UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at teh case for legalising e-scooters.

A new paper by Matthew Lesh, the ASI’s Head of Research, makes the case for why and how the United Kingdom should legalise e-scooters: Electric scooters, or ‘e-scooters’, provide low-cost, environmentally-friendly ‘last mile’ transport. They are a central plank of the ‘micromobility’ revolution that is transforming urban transport. E-scooters are among the fastest growing technologies in history. Since the first dockless rental scheme in September 2017, they have provided hundreds of millions of rides and are now available in 350 cities worldwide. The United Kingdom is the last major European country where it is illegal to use e-scooters on public roads, bike paths, and pavements. This is despite surveys and usage indicating they are overwhelmingly popular where they are legal.

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