Seeing clearly: how lighting can make London a better city

This report from UK think tank the Centre for London looks at how London lacks a city-wide strategic approach to lighting.

A well-lit city comes with many benefits. It can enable people to spend more time enjoying culture, restaurants, shops and nightlife and make active journeys easier, safer and more enjoyable. Well-designed lighting could even contribute to London’s green recovery by achieving large cuts in energy use and reducing light pollution. It can also function as public art – making the capital more beautiful and interesting. But London is largely missing out on these opportunities because it lacks a city-wide strategic approach to lighting and good design practice is often ignored. Only two of London’s 33 local authorities have adopted a lighting strategy – when other European cities have had them for years. Relatively modest changes in policy and practice would hugely improve the quality of London’s lighting, as well as support economic, civic and cultural activity that will help the city recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

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