Skill up to level up

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Progressive Policy looks at reducing place-based skills inequality to tackle rising unemployment.

In some parts of England the proportion of people without any formal qualifications is as low as one in 40. In others it is more than one in five. New CPP analysis presented in this paper suggests that this disparity comes at the cost of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

CPP has developed a new model of employment in local areas, quantifying the link between basic skills coverage and employment rates. Using this model, we estimate the employment cost of place-based inequality in basic skills coverage in England.

If the share of the local working age population without any formal qualifications were reduced in every area to the rate seen in the top 10% of local authoritiesCPP estimates employment in England would be up to 573,000 higher.The analysis suggests this employment cost is concentrated in the most deprived fifth of local authorities, where tackling basic skills inequality could boost employment by up to 302,000.

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