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backstop reports

By Dr. David C. Shiels

This report from the UK think tank Open Europe looks at finding a way through the backstop impasse. The UK’s…

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By Professor Guglielmo Verdirame; Sir Stephen Laws; Professor Richard Ekins

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange looks at the UK's legal position in relation to the backstop.…

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By Dominic Walsh

After the Withdrawal Agreement was voted down in Parliament on January 15 by 230 votes, the UK Government has focused…

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By Aarti Shankar; David Shiels; Dominic Walsh; Stephen Booth

In a new briefing note, Open Europe examines what changes to the Irish backstop protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement could…

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By Guglielmo Verdirame; Richard Ekins

“The UK continues to be too timid” in its negotiations with the EU over the Backstop and its relationship to…

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By Lord Bew

The Irish Backstop would “turn the Good Friday Agreement on its head”, says a Policy Exchange Briefing Note by Lord…

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By Guglielmo Verdirame; Stephen Laws; Richard Ekins

On 11 December, the House of Commons must vote on whether to approve the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration…

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