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By Robert Craig; Richard Ekins; Sir Stephen Laws

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange looks at the Conservative leadership contest and the confidence of the…

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By Dr Catherine Haddon

This report from the UK think tank Institute for Government provides a guide for an incoming prime minister. Conservative MPs…

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By James Dobson; Freddie Lloyd; Ryan Shorthouse

Discrimination and the abuse of human rights are immoral, unjust and illegal barriers to individual freedom and flourishing. Tackling them…

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By Daniel Mahoney; Tim Knox

Softening overall fiscal plans would be ill-advised. Yet there is scope to re-gear the Government’s priorities towards more intergenerational fairness.…

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By Sam Hall

Preserving and enhancing the environment for future generations to enjoy should be at the heart of conservative thinking. But a…

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By Ryan Shorthouse; David Kirkby

Our welfare system is important for supporting the vulnerable and impoverished. But public support for the welfare state is low,…

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