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By Lewis LLoyd

This report from UK think tank the Institute for Government looks at how data and new technologies can help government…

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By Eleonora Harwich; Annemarie Naylor

This report from UK think tank Reform looks at whether healthcare data help rebalance the UK’s economy. Estimates suggest that…

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By Alexander Babuta; Marion Oswald

This latest report from UK think tank RUSI looks at algorithms in policing. This paper summarises the use of analytics…

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By Sophia Ignatidou

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House looks at the current state of disinformation and the potential for…

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By Claudia Martinez; Imogen Farhan

This report from the UK think tank Reform looks at using data-driven technology to transform mental healthcare. This report examines…

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By Martin Bardsley; Adam Steventon; Garry Fothergill

This report from the UK think tank The Health Foundation highlights nine key reasons why there should be more investment…

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By Gavin Freeguard

High-quality government data is important for both government effectiveness, and for holding it to account. The UK has made a…

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By Mathew Lawrence; Laurie Laybourn-Langton

Digital technology is delivering a huge range of benefits to businesses, citizens and wider society. Platforms – online applications that…

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By Miren Gutierrez; Alfonso Daniels; Guy Jobbins

New technologies offer unique opportunities to support fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance, particularly for countries in Africa and other regions…

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By Jamie Bartlett; Nathaniel Tkacz

Data dashboards – interfaces which display complex data to a user, often displayed in real time, and typically drawn from…

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