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The Digital Services Act and SMEs as users of online platforms

This report from UK think tank EPICENTER looks at new risks for consumers and SME users in

Solving the puzzle

This report from UK think tank IPPR looks at how to deliver on the promise of integration

Cyber capabilities and national power

This report from UK think tank IISS provides a net assessment of cyber capabilities and national power.

Cyber insurance and the cyber security challenge

This report from UK think tank RUSI looks at whether cyber insurance can incentivise better cyber security

The future national cyber security strategy

This report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at defending values in cyber. The

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Digital reports

By Jamie Bartlett; Josh Smith; Rose Acton

Demos has been commissioned by the ICO to examine current and emerging trends in how data is used in political…

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By Camino Mortera-Martinez

The European Union has woken up to the threat of cyber attacks, but it’s coming late to the party. The…

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By Alex Krasodomski-Jones

Individuals in public life face a diverse range of potential threats from numerous sources with different potential causes and consequences.…

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By Sarah Longlands; Anna Round; Tom Kibasi

This report presents the findings of IPPR's research into the tech startup ecosystem in London at a time of deep…

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By Adam Hug (ed.)

The Information Battle examines the ways in which the governments of former Soviet Union (FSU) look to shape international narratives…

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By Ben Ramalingam; Becky Faith; Pedro Prieto Martín; Kevin Hernandez

As new technologies and digital business models disrupt the status quo and reshape economies, interest has surged in the potential…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

In “TECHNOPOLY” and what to do about it: Reform, Redress and Regulation, ResPublica, with the support of the Big Innovation…

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By Jonathan Dupont

The UK should become a global hub for ‘GovTech’, with digital technology offering the chance to transform the relationship between…

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By Various Authors

The member-states and the EU: Taking back control? - The irony of Brexit is that the EU is becoming more…

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By Julian Jessop

The rise of the ‘tech giants’ is, of course, a significant commercial threat to more traditional media, but it also…

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