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London: working for everyone?

This report, commissioned by Peabody, provides new insights into the lives of individuals living in social housing

Why would a third country root for soft Brexit? Views and lessons from Turkey

Dr Yaprak Gursoy, FPC Research Associate and Lecturer at Aston University, outlines some of the implications of

The cost of Brexit to September 2018

The UK economy is 2.3 per cent smaller than it would have been had Britons voted to

Atypical approaches

The UK’s employment rate continues to reach record highs. But while the majority of jobs added in

Setting the record straight: how record employment has changed the UK

On the eve of the global financial crisis, the UK’s employment rate was 73.0 per cent. A

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Economics reports

By Nima Sanandaji

During the twentieth century, economic sanctions became more prevalent. In the twenty-first century they have become a frequently used tool…

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By Lindsay Judge

In December 2016, the Resolution Foundation published its first report in a new programme of work exploring the world of…

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By Guy Opperman MP; Laura Farris

Businesses and employers should do more to help close Britain’s productivity gap, says Guy Opperman MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State…

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By Stephen Clarke; Nye Cominetti

In October there was good news on pay: nominal pay grew by 3.1 per cent in the 12 months to…

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By Matthew Whittaker

In this briefing paper we explore the challenge facing the Chancellor in this year’s Budget: balancing the seemingly conflicting goals…

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By Catherine Colebrook

A Sky Data poll conducted for IPPR ahead of the launch of the IPPR Economics Prize has found that the…

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By Matthew Whittaker

Defying expectations of a quiet Budget, the Chancellor yesterday delivered a statement with bigger political and economic shifts than many…

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By Andrew Harrop

The Fiscal Alternative is the final report of a six-month project, Public Finance Choices for the Left, and presents recommendations to…

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By Gemma Tetlow; Alex Stojanovic

Government and independent forecasts of the economic impacts of Brexit focus on the long-term effects and do not provide a…

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