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Falling off a cliff?

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at economic and social decline

Communications Role – Media

The Institute of Economic Affairs is looking to recruit two Communications staff members. One role will focus on both traditional

No stress IV

A new paper by Kevin Dowd, Professor of Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University and

Facing the crisis

This report from the UK think tank IPPR looks at rethinking economics for the age of environmental

Quality control

This report from the UK think tank Demos, supported by the Publishers Association, looks at reading, publishing

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Economics reports

By Stuart Adam; Robert Joyce; Thomas Pope

In April 2013, council tax benefit (CTB), which provided help for low-income households with their council tax, was abolished. In…

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By Yaprak Gürsoy

Dr Yaprak Gursoy, FPC Research Associate and Lecturer at Aston University, outlines some of the implications of Brexit for the…

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By John Springford

The UK economy is 2.3 per cent smaller than it would have been had Britons voted to stay in the…

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By Conor D'Arcy, Fahmida Rahman

The UK’s employment rate continues to reach record highs. But while the majority of jobs added in recent years have…

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By Stephen Clarke; Nye Cominetti

On the eve of the global financial crisis, the UK’s employment rate was 73.0 per cent. A decade on and…

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By Ben Southwood

Property rights are good not 'just because', but because of how they contribute to human flourishing. Patents are, like other…

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By James Rogers

Since the Great Recession in the late 2000s it has been claimed that a number of emerging economies, particularly the…

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By Nicolas Marques; Cécile Philippe; Caio Zanforlin

13 December marks Credit Day across the European Union. This is the day when, on average, European countries’ central governments…

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By Tom Kibasi; Carys Roberts

Today, there is no prospect of child poverty ending in the UK, and we are more than 40 years away…

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