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Skills for jobs that don’t yet exist

This report from the UK think tank ResPublica looks at a new system for work in the

The next London Challenge

This report from the UK think tank Social Market Foundation looks at converting strong educational performance into

Academic freedom in the UK

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange looks at ensuring academic freedom in the UK.

Performance Tracker 2019

This report from the UK think tank Institute for Government provides a data-driven analysis of the performance of

Further education pathways

This report from the UK think tank Education Policy Institute (EPI), commissioned by the Health Foundation, examines

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Education reports

By Nigel Koehane

Further education colleges provide skills to 2.2 million adults and 16-18 year-olds. Compared to those on the skill level below,…

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By Jill Rutter; Sunder Katwala

This latest report by think tank British Future looks at the role the arts can play in bridging the divides…

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By Nicolas Bosetti; Mario Washington-Ihieme

London boasts a world-class food scene, but the city is losing its skilled chefs at a faster rate than it…

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By Nicole Gicheva; Nigel Keohane; Scott Corfe

Done right, apprenticeships can deliver a significant boost to the UK economy by providing the technical skills that it needs…

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By Kathleen Henehan

This paper uses the Brexit moment to take stock of where Britain has got to on educational attainment, and where…

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By Claudia Martinez; Josh Pritchard

This report provides a critical examination of how personal budgets have been used to deliver public services in the UK.…

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By Tom Richmond

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange investigates T-levels and the wider vocational system. T-levels have the potential…

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By Gabor Scheiring

FPC Research Fellow Dr Gabor Scheiring writes in this recent article that new authoritarian leaders find it hard to tolerate…

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By Patrick Spencer

This report outlines a vision for the National Retraining Scheme. At its core is the creation of a Personal Learner…

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