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Room to grow

This report from the Work Foundation looks at removing barriers to training for people on universal credit. Many people who receive Universal Credit (UC) face conditionality requirements which can impact

Childcare costs and poverty

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at the impact of childcare costs on those on lower incomes. We’ve published the further analysis of the childcare

Powering the labour market

This report from UK think tank Green Alliance looks at skilled work in a low carbon energy system. Accelerating the transition to a low carbon power system can help to

The changing workplace

This report from UK think tank the Work Foundation looks at enabling disability-inclusive hybrid working. This research explores the benefits and challenges of remote and hybrid working, highlighting that it

Owning the workplace, securing the future

This report from UK think tank CLES looks at how to support worker buy-outs and expand employee ownership in Wales. This research explores the case for employee ownership as a

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Employment reports

By Nigel Keohane

The UK’s employment and tax rules no-longer work and they increasingly sit at odds with our diverse and flexible labour…

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By Professor Len Shackleton

This report charts the growth of government intervention in labour markets over the past twenty years, the problems with its…

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By Matthew Whittaker; Brian Bell

Across the UK economy, the share of overall employee compensation accounted for by non-wage elements such as employer pension contributions…

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By James Kirkup

In a new paper published on Thursday, SMF think tank calls for the government’s new Immigration Skills Charge to be…

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By James Scales

Millions of disabled people in the UK are needlessly precluded from enjoying the financial, health and emotional benefits associated with…

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By Ben Southwood; Sam Bowman

The National Living Wage is a political football and must be scrapped because it risks creating unemployment. The report, which…

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By Rachel Reeves MP

Self-employment in the UK is rising, and it brings challenges as well as opportunities. The pamphlet looks at the rising…

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By Saskia Greenhalgh

Business is one of the best tools for social mobility that society has; driving employment and economic growth, and facilitating…

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