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A load of rubbish?

A UK-wide deposit return scheme (DRS) can be expected to increase recycling rates for beverage bottles and

Innovative financing for humanitarian energy interventions

Indonesia is approaching a key point on its development pathway. Rapidly declining poverty, a growing and urbanizing

Pressure in the pipeline

Decarbonising the UK’s gas network presents one of the most significant political and economic challenges facing the

This is a crisis

Mainstream political and policy debates have failed to recognise that human impacts on the environment have reached

Delivering more homes: radical action to unblock the system

There is enough Green Belt land within the confines of Greater London – 32,500 hectares – to

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Environment reports

By Matthew Oakley

This report outlines the significant need for increased action from households to protect themselves against the experience and costs of…

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By Various Authors

Forecast-based early action (FbA) initiatives are diverse, with very different approaches to the timing of decisions and actions, and to…

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By Miren Gutierrez; Alfonso Daniels; Guy Jobbins

New technologies offer unique opportunities to support fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance, particularly for countries in Africa and other regions…

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By Adeline Bailly

With the continued rise of emissions and illegal levels of pollution in many places, air quality is increasingly recognised as…

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By Felix Preston; Johanna Lehne

There is growing optimism about the potential of the ‘circular economy’ (CE) as a new model for sustainable growth in…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

The ECJ ruled that Italy had been wrong to ban the cultivation of an EU-approved genetically modified maize. This was…

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By Ben Caldecott; Sam Hall; Eamonn Ives

Brexit presents the UK with an historic opportunity to enhance its natural environment. Rural payments are currently determined predominantly by…

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By Various Authors

The direct influence of climate change on human mobility is unclear. Yet in international processes, climate change and disaster risk…

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By Various Authors

Farming Tomorrow, a major new report from Policy Exchange, sets out the once in a generation chance we have to…

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Disasters: impact on child poverty and development

From droughts in East Africa to floods in Southern India, the impacts of climate change and natural hazards include death…

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