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The urgent need for NGDP targeting

This latest report from UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute explains why the UK should adopt

Inflation: the next threat?

This latest report from UK think tank the IEA looks at the resulting monetary policy from the

Investing in Britain’s future

This latest report from UK think tank the SMF looks at how to finance new infrastructure in

The macroeconomic policy outlook Q2 2020

This latest report from UK think tank Resolution Foundation with a policy-focused look at the economy. This

Model behaviour

This latest report from UK think tank the IEA looks at how economists can shape a post

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Financial Policy reports

By Diego Zuluaga

Recent years have seen a reduced supply of capital to domestic businesses by banks due to increased capital requirements and…

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By Rishi Sunak MP

In 'A New Era for Retail Bonds' Rishi Sunak MP calls for the Government to back the creation of a…

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By Professor Michael McMahon

The Bank of England raised its interest rates for the first time in over 10 years on Thursday 2 November.…

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By Kathryn Petrie

This report assesses how the current account market is performing for vulnerable consumers. Policy measures have typically focussed on the…

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By Algirdas Brochard

The ongoing Basel IV discussions seek to impose additional capital requirement on banks, a move that would disproportionately affect those…

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By Kevin Dowd

On November 30th 2016, the Bank of England released the results of its third publicly disclosed set of stress tests…

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By Helena Wood

This paper makes the case for the wider use of financial investigation techniques in the fight against serious and organised…

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By Matthew Oakley; Nicole Gicheva

Despite the best attempts of policy makers, regulators and consumer groups, UK households do not save enough. The clear links…

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By Michael Johnson

Ahead of the DWP review on Automatic Enrolment (AE), leading pensions expert Michael Johnson details 12 specific pension reforms in…

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