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Weaponising Covid-19

This latest report, from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at attempts to blame Covid-19

Excess deaths in the time of Covid reflect the British state’s indifference to how society really works

This latest report from UK think tank NPI looks at two misunderstandings on the Covid-19 crisis in

Building a social stimulus to tackle COVID-19

This latest report from UK think tank Onward looks at how communities are responding to the coronavirus

False economies

This latest report from UK think tank the IEA looks at public health spending and, in particular,

Data to the people

This latest report from UK think tank Onward looks at how the UK can use tech and

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Health reports

By Daniel Pryor

This report looks at the effects of smoking cigarettes and how it can be minimised by using e-cigarettes and vaping.…

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By Elaine Kelly; Paul Johnson; George Stoye

To mark the BBC’s coverage of the NHS’s 70th birthday in July 2018, researchers from the Institute for Fiscal Studies,…

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By Ara Darzi; Harry Quilter-Pinner; Tom Kibasi

Patients left on trolleys in hospital corridors, operations cancelled, staff under pressure, and deficits on the rise. Moreover, despite improvements…

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By Rowena Crawford; George Stoye; Ben Zaranko

Recent years have seen substantial reductions in public spending on social care for older people in England. This has not…

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By David Phillips; Polly Simpson

This briefing note looks at how council spending on adult social care and other services changed between 2009-10 and 2017-18.

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By Matt Whittaker; Adam Corlett; George Bangham

The National Health Service will turn 70 on 5 July 2018, but public concern about its condition is at its…

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By Various Authors

Since 2007 it has not been permitted to advertise food and drink that is high in fat, salt or sugar…

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By Various Authors

If we are to have a health and care system that meets the expectations of the population, we need to…

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By Harry Quilter-Pinner

Innovation in health – new treatments, technologies and processes – can help drive improvements in healthcare and ultimately health outcomes.…

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