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Immigration reports

By Marianne Schneider-Petsinger

US policymakers should give special consideration to a more open immigration policy for highly skilled professionals from the EU. This…

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By Stephen Clarke

Almost a year after voting to leave the European Union the negotiations for the UK’s departure began on 19th June…

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By James Kirkup

For many politicians, the British electorate’s hostility to immigration at its current level and in its current form is taken…

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By James Kirkup

In a new paper published on Thursday, SMF think tank calls for the government’s new Immigration Skills Charge to be…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

With over 6,300 professions requiring a practical license in the European Union, jobs outside of these professions tend to attract…

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By James Fischelis

'Prosperity Without Borders' analyses the crucial role of cities in lifting people out of poverty and towards prosperity. In particular,…

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By Various Authors

The events of 23rd June 2016 must kick-start a national conversation aimed at understanding why there are such deep divides…

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By Ryan Shorthouse; David Kirkby

This report is the third from this project. Drawing on key centre-right themes and priorities, it outlines Bright Blue’s manifesto…

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