Industrial Strategy

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Seven lessons from Singapore

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at what Britain should really learn

Understanding UK strategic dependence on Chinese investment

This report from UK think tank Civitas looks at the case for 'partial decoupling' to insulate against

How to design a successful industrial strategy

This report from UK think tank the Institute for Government looks at how the government can remain

Post-Brexit labour supply and workforce planning

This report from UK think tank the Work Foundation looks at key questions for policymakers ahead of

Sharing the future

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at workers and technology in the 2020s.

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Industrial Strategy reports

By Gabriel Elefteriu

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange looks at policy ideas for new leadership on space. The paper…

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By Anthony Breach

This report from the UK think tank 'Centre for Cities' examines the lessons from Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing…

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By Luke Murphy; Joshua Emden

Decarbonisation holds huge opportunities for the north of England. The energy sector is one of the North’s ‘prime capabilities’. The…

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By David Adam

The latest report from the BFPG “Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur” by David Adams, explains how Manchester has developed an enviable…

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By Patrick Spencer

This report outlines a vision for the National Retraining Scheme. At its core is the creation of a Personal Learner…

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By Stephen Clarke; Nye Cominetti

On the eve of the global financial crisis, the UK’s employment rate was 73.0 per cent. A decade on and…

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By Nick Davies; Oliver Chan; Aron Cheung; Gavin Freeguard

Government procurement: the scale and nature of contracting in the UK reveals that four departments – the Ministry of Justice…

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By Jonathan Dupont

What can places across the Midlands do to improve local rates of productivity and prosperity? Most countries have an unequal…

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By Luke Raikes; Leah Millward; Sarah Longlands

The north of England has rarely faced such threat and opportunity. Brexit looms; budgets in essential NHS and council services…

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